3 Things We Shared During Our Demo at TechPoint Build

3 Things We Shared During Our Demo at TechPoint Build

At TechPoint Build 2021 which took place on Saturday, January 22, 2022, Cadana  team were present to demo our platform and showcase our solutions.

The conference is known to be Techpoint Africa’s largest convention which is hosted to connect key players in the African startup community. This year, the conference featured a pitchstorm, exhibitions and conferences, and was themed ‘The Next Frontier’. Based on the theme, this year focused on drawing attention to the need to build actual frontiers that enable tech development for Africa and how we can prepare ourselves to harness the opportunities across industries.

For us at Cadana, regardless of the industry of operation, compensation should be flexible, real-time and borderless; which is why we are offering seamless people management and payroll system as showcased to the audience at TechPoint Build 2021.

Here are 3 key things we shared in our Cadana demo at TechPoint Build 2021 as we introduced them to the future of compensation.

The audience at TechPoint Build 2021

Cadana Instant Pay Wallet

We introduced Cadana Instant Pay Wallet which is our flagship feature that offers workers on-demand access to their earned wages anytime, including access to transaction history and payslips.

In our part of the world, the average salaried worker receives a salary 12 out of the 365 days in a year. With this limited access to liquidity, research shows workers are generally financially stressed and are more likely to spend 5+ working hours dealing with financial issues.

The simply cash flow fix, offered by Cadana Instant Pay Wallet, has measurable benefits for productivity. This is because we help workers spend less time worrying about finances. On the other hand, we are also able to help businesses increase retention rates of staff, and save recruitment and business training costs.

True Moringa’s Cadana Story

We also shared True Moringa’s Cadana story.

Over the last 10 months, we partnered with businesses such as True Moringa, to provide the Cadana Instant Pay Wallet and Payroll.

In addition, we offered a full-service payroll platform for them to stay compliant with pensions and taxes while managing allowances, deductions and all aspects of salary payments.

True Moringa benefitted greatly and shared amazing feedback with us.

How Cadana Works for Employees

Through the Cadana Instant Pay Wallet demo we shared, we showed how our platform serves employees.

In about 2 steps, through our web or mobile app, workers are able to access their salaries on-demand, and also view their transaction history and payslips.

We are launching this wallet for all workers, offering on-demand salary payouts, also available in the alternative, stable and digital currencies.

How Cadana Works for Employers

We also shared the Cadana admin demo.

Here, we showed admin access, which is a full oversight that allows the admin set controls such as approvals and access percentages for instant pay.

Our mission at Cadana is to make payments flexible, real-time and borderless.

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