Cadana July Roundup

Cadana July Roundup

Updates from the month of July are here! We had a busy month with many new exciting features and improvements. Read on and we hope some of these updates improve your Cadana experience.

🖥️📲Cadana News Highlights🧡

Instant Pay on Web App

🤑 Cadana Instant Pay on the web app
Instant Pay is now available on the Web App! Access your earned wages instantly, taking control of your finances right from your web browser. No more waiting for payday – experience the convenience and flexibility you deserve. Get started today and enjoy financial freedom like never before!

🧾 Streamlined Transactions Receipt on the web app
Introducing Enhanced Transactions Receipts on the Web App! Now get detailed and tailored receipts for purchases, money transfers, and bill payments. Enjoy transparency and better financial tracking. Upgrade your experience today!

💸 New Payout Destinations 🇨🇬🇱🇷🇿🇼
Cadana now supports 3 additional new countries for Mobile Money payouts: the Republic of the Congo, Liberia, and Zimbabwe.

This expansion opens up fantastic opportunities for users in these countries to receive funds directly to their Mobile Money accounts, making transactions more accessible and convenient than ever before.

Here's what this means for you:

  1. Republic of the Congo: Users in the Republic of the Congo can now receive fast and secure Mobile Money payouts, providing a reliable and efficient way to access funds for their various needs.
  2. Liberia: Our entrance into Liberia as a Mobile Money payout destination brings a host of new possibilities for seamless financial transactions. Users in Liberia can now enjoy the convenience of direct Mobile Money transfers.
  3. Zimbabwe: Our expansion into Zimbabwe as a Mobile Money payout destination brings even more convenience and accessibility for users in the country to receive funds through Cadana.

At Cadana, we are committed to providing a global platform that empowers users with flexible and reliable financial solutions. By continually expanding our payout destinations, we aim to positively impact people's lives worldwide.

🖥️📲Website Refresh (Coming Soon)

Coming Soon - Website Refresh

We have some fantastic news to share! Our official informational website is getting a refreshing update soon! Brace yourself for an enhanced user experience on a more user-friendly and informative platform.

What to Expect:

  1. Expanded Content: Discover enriched content that showcases the diverse range of services and features we offer. From Cadana AI to our API integration and beyond, we have the information unraveled.
  2. User-Centric Interface: We've listened to your valuable feedback and used it to craft a user-centric interface that caters to your preferences. Finding the information you need and accessing our services will be simpler and quicker.
  3. Modern & Intuitive Design: Get ready for a sleek and contemporary website design that offers a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience. Navigating through our platform will be more intuitive than ever before.

We're excited to share this exciting update with you soon. It is our commitment to empowering your financial well-being and providing you with a platform that is informative, reliable, and innovative.