Cadana Workers’ Month: Celebrate Your Workers with a Flexible Compensation Plan Today

Cadana Workers’ Month: Celebrate Your Workers with a Flexible Compensation Plan Today
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Employee financial wellness is at the forefront of conversations around the creation and sustenance of a healthy work culture because these impact their productivity in the workplace. In achieving these, employers are paying more attention to workplace benefits, motivation, and the big one - compensation - in order to redefine the future of work.

This is where you will also find us; redefining work culture and building the future of compensation for African workers.

Delighting your employees through Cadana is a great step to take because financial stress is peaking with the global challenges that have hit every corner of the world, so you want to ensure that your employees are catered to financially and more importantly, they are empowered with the tools for a strong financial health needed to stand tall as well-rounded individuals.

Why Cadana?

Cadana’s salary on-demand compensation solution is hinged on the premise that employees should not have to seek payday loans, not with the existing unrealistic terms especially in today’s economic climate. By giving them access to their earned salaries in real time, we work with you to empower them financially and psychologically to deliver on their jobs. As we always reiterate, it's not a loan, it is their money worked accrued at the specified point in the pay period.

We believe strongly that workers are so integral to business, that they should be empowered with agencies over their pay, enabling them to exude the required confidence to perform tasks, and the ambition to compete with peers locally and globally.

Cadana’s Instant Pay is a flexible, realtime, and borderless feature making us stand out as the leading salary on-demand compensation solution in Africa. What does this mean? It means, through our platform, your employees will have power over their pay such that they can access their earned salaries anytime, paid out instantly to their accounts, and in foreign currencies if they so wish.

It is built with the market in mind, so that in this way, African workers are strengthened with the financial capacity to weather economic storms, and, more importantly, the tools for a strong financial health to recover from them. How so? In addition to Earned Wage Access, Cadana also empowers employees with a USD Wallet feature that allows them to do more with their earned salaries.

This USD Wallet is a special wallet in your employee’s account where they can keep some or all the funds from their earned salary accessed at any point in time within the pay period. It gets better. With this wallet, employees could convert their earned salary from their local currency to USD using the Cadana USD Wallet. With this, they protect themselves from inflation when they save it in the USD Wallet and they also get to earn profits while at it.

Oh and there’s a plus for you, all of these are seamlessly integrated into your payroll, on your request, so you never have to worry about doing the manual work. The choice is yours!

If this isn’t the most delightful compensation solution for African workers, what else is?

The Time is Now.

Here’s the thing, happy employees are the greatest assets any employer would have. As our founder Albert Owusu-Asare would always say, “Nothing worthwhile is built in isolation”, hence running a business as impactful as yours takes the collective efforts of great employees just like yours. Everyday, they go over and beyond to put in the work, discharging their everyday tasks.

This is why it is important to delight them always and what better time to do it than on this May Day and in this Workers’ Month. Another great reason is this: it's also Africa Month this May. No better time than now to celebrate your workers as an African employee.

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