Meta Tech Sourcer Lauretta Ejerenwa on Why Organisations Need to Invest in a Healthy Work Culture

Meta Tech Sourcer Lauretta Ejerenwa on Why Organisations Need to Invest in a Healthy Work Culture

Lauretta is a Global Tech Recruiter with several years of experience hiring for tech roles ranging from Software/DevOps/QA/Machine Learning Engineers to Product Designers, Product Managers, and Technical Leads.

She is an expert at tech sourcing, with a track record of doing impactful work in the ecosystem by recruiting great talents across the globe, thus fostering an inclusive, diverse and inspiring place to work for everyone. Lauretta started her career in the banking industry handling customer experience. With a lot of curiosity, she transitioned and began her journey in tech recruiting at Andela.

Today, she works as a Tech Sourcer at Meta (formerly Facebook). She is instrumental in driving the ambitions and scale of the business by hiring and developing creative strategies to find the best tech talent globally. When she isn’t busy recruiting, she spends time coaching aspiring and experienced Product Managers at ProductDive on how to take their careers to the next level, reading about new digital trends, or exploring a new country.

For our June edition of Culture Leaders, we chat with Lauretta about advocacy for healthy workplace culture to foster job satisfaction.

While rising in her career, one thing is constant: the kind of roles she is drawn to. Lauretta tells us that as an employee, she is drawn to “Challenging and diverse roles. I enjoy leading projects and contributing at a high level and roles that enable me to do both’’.

We discuss the ideal work culture through the eyes of an employee and that of a recruiter.

Workplace culture is super important when it comes to recruiting. Every hire can impact the culture and business trajectory of an organisation. Regardless of the pressure to fill a role, it is important for recruiters and hiring managers to ask how that person may impact the culture of the organisation in the long-term.

Lauretta tells us about the long-term impact of good work culture on organisations.

A good workplace culture attracts good candidates. People are looking to work for a company whose values align with theirs. Organisations need to invest in healthy company culture.

We ask Lauretta for career tips, particularly early career mistakes to avoid. Here are 3 gems she shared with us:

  • Not Investing in Self-Development

There’s so much to learn and new trends coming out frequently. Upgrading your skills is vital. This can be done by researching or joining communities of like-minded people.

  • Not Networking:

Lots of jobs are filled through referrals. Chances are that you will get your next opportunity through someone you know. It is essential to not just build relationships in our workplaces but to extend your reach through building a diverse network. Make use of social media or join meet-up groups.

  • Not having a Long-term Career Goal:

This can be tough. Have a general picture of what you’re working towards. This way, you know what skills you need to acquire to reach your goal.

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