Cadana Culture Leaders: Meet Career Consultant and CV Writer, Hansel Praise

Cadana Culture Leaders: Meet Career Consultant and CV Writer, Hansel Praise

This month on Culture Leaders, we highlight Hansel Praise’s work as a career specialist and CV Writer.

Hansel is one of the most sought-after CV writers, LinkedIn specialists, and career consultants in Nigeria and brings his wealth of experience providing high-quality CVs, career documents, and coaching to clients from a broad range of industries and at all career levels.

With hundreds of testimonials and personal recommendations from his customers, he has worked for some HR leaders and consulting firms and brings a seasoned understanding of how best to present career-seekers accomplishments to maximize chances of employment success.

He has spoken at several conferences and is a guest teacher at Edubridge Academy. He also works with Sahara Group as an oil Trader and Government Relations Professional who plays a critical role in positively influencing the company's reputation through engagement, collaboration, and partnership with external stakeholders.

For Hansel, his biggest work highlights revolve around working on several recruitment projects for multinationals across FMCG, Financial Services and Energy industries, and achieving 92,000 followers on Twitter and over 14,000 on Linkedin built organically as a result of recruitment activities and career advisory.

We asked Hansel to share some career tips for our audience. He left us with some advice on 5 early mistakes to avoid when carving out a career.

1. Thinking that asking questions makes you less smart.

2. Not recognizing that your job is to make your boss look good.

3. Thinking it is fashionable to just change jobs without building any depth.

4. Not recognizing that it is okay to make mistakes, however one must learn from them.

5. Getting too comfortable when you are not doing much or learning on the job.