Harnessing the Power of Event Sourcing: How Cadana Delivers a Secure and Scalable Global Payroll Solution

Harnessing the Power of Event Sourcing: How Cadana Delivers a Secure and Scalable Global Payroll Solution

Delivering a globally compliant payroll solution is a complex task that requires navigating a web of international regulations, tax codes, and employment laws. At Cadana, we understand the immense challenge that companies operating across borders face in ensuring accurate and timely payments to their employees. To address these challenges and deliver a seamless employee experience, we've chosen to embrace the power of event sourcing in our backend infrastructure. In this blog post, we'll share our insights into the concept of event sourcing, how we've integrated it into Cadana's architecture, and the benefits it brings to our customers, employees, and company as we navigate the complexities of international payroll management.

  1. Understanding Event Sourcing

Event sourcing is an innovative software architectural pattern that models application state changes as a series of immutable events. This approach allows us to maintain a complete, traceable, and consistent history of our application, making it easier to track, audit, and scale our system. For example, in a traditional payroll system, changes made to an employee's payroll information might be updated in a central database, with each change overwriting the previous state. With event sourcing, however, every change made to an employee's payroll information is captured as an event, such as "new hire," "salary increase," or "tax withholding update." These events are then stored in the event store, enabling a complete audit trail of all changes made to the employee's payroll information.

Fig 1: Comparison of how a domain is stored in a traditional centralized vs event-sourcing framework

2. Cadana's Architecture: Embracing Event Sourcing

At Cadana, we've built our entire backend infrastructure on the foundation of event sourcing. Our system is comprised of a host of domains, including the person domain (HR directory), the payroll domain (payroll management), the disbursements domain (money movement management), and many others. Each domain uses event sourcing to model state changes, ensuring consistency and reliability across our platform.

For example, when a new employee joins a company using Cadana, an event is created and stored in the person domain. This event triggers the creation of payroll data in the payroll domain and sets up payment details in the disbursements domain. As the employee's information changes over time, events in each domain keep track of the updates, providing a comprehensive and accurate view of the employee's history within the company.

3. Benefits for Our Customers and their employees

Our adoption of event sourcing has also led to tangible benefits for our customers and their employees:

a. Enhanced data security: Event sourcing helps protect sensitive payroll and financial data by maintaining an immutable history of changes, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or manipulation. Our events are stored in a read-only database, ensuring that the data can never be tampered with, and maintaining the integrity of our customers' records.

b. Real-time access to payroll data: With our event-driven architecture, we can provide real-time access to payroll data, empowering employees to make informed financial decisions. This level of accessibility helps employees stay on top of their financial health and make better choices for their future.

d. Adaptable to evolving regulations: As regulations change, our event-sourced system can more easily adapt, ensuring that we remain compliant and can continue to provide accurate payroll services. This adaptability is crucial in a globalized world, where businesses must constantly stay updated with changing tax laws and employment regulations.

b. Faster issue resolution: With event sourcing, Cadana can quickly identify and resolve any discrepancies or issues in payroll processing, ensuring accurate and timely payments to employees.

4. Benefits of Event Sourcing for Cadana

a. Improved traceability and auditability: Event sourcing allows us to maintain a clear and accurate record of financial transactions, ensuring compliance with regulations and providing transparency to our customers. For instance, our event store makes it easy to generate detailed audit logs for any payroll cycle, simplifying compliance reporting and reducing the risk of errors.

b. Simplified debugging and testing: By replaying events, our development team can quickly reproduce and resolve issues, leading to a more stable and reliable platform. This has proved invaluable in handling complex payroll scenarios, such as retroactive adjustments or reconciling discrepancies between different tax jurisdictions.

c. Scalability: Event sourcing enables Cadana to scale effectively, meeting the demands of our growing global customer base and ensuring that our platform remains performant under heavy loads. Our event store can be easily partitioned and distributed across multiple nodes globally, allowing us to handle large volumes of data and concurrent users without compromising performance.


Event sourcing has played a pivotal role in enabling Cadana to create a secure, scalable, and compliant global payroll solution that addresses the unique challenges of international payroll management. By leveraging this powerful architectural pattern, we've been able to enhance our platform's capabilities, streamline payroll processes, and provide tools that empower employees to achieve financial well-being. As we continue to evolve and innovate, we remain committed to utilizing cutting-edge technologies like event sourcing to deliver exceptional payroll services and contribute to the financial success of employees worldwide.