How to Prep Yourself and Your Team Before You Go on Leave

How to Prep Yourself and Your Team Before You Go on Leave

Work leaves are usually exciting, especially if you have looked forward to it for months. It is a great time to de-stress and rejuvenate to return even more productive. However, as with everything else in the workplace, you need to plan and ensure there is a smooth workflow while you are away on vacation. This way, you are not micromanaging your teams while on leave. Plus, it would help you and your team to build mutual trust.

As the biggest champion of people managers, we love sharing great tips to make your work transition easier and seamless.

Here are a few pointers from us to help you prepare yourself and your team for your time away on leave.

Decide if you are switching off completely

Are you going full black-out mode or, will you be present for a little bit? Your decision would help you determine your next steps while planning.

Plan early and communicate

Let your team know your level of availability and the best ways to reach you. If you are going full black-out mode, you should organise and file everything they would need in your absence. Ensure to keep them informed and prepared for this.

Document, organise and provide access

Right before you go on your leave, ensure to provide access and guidance on tools your team would need. Do not forget to store and share passwords.

Schedule and track as much as possible

Try to schedule ongoing tasks as much as possible and encourage your team to track them. That way, when you return to work, you can see the progress made.

Try not to pressure yourself by overworking

Trying to knock off everything on the team’s to-do list right before you step away may put you under pressure. Trust your team to pick the baton from you and continue in your absence.

Clear your workspace

Whether you are working in the office or remotely, clear your desk before you step away. Decluttering is good for your mind and gives your desk a pleasant look when you return.

We love to hear more from the community. What other ways do you prepare for your leave? Need easier ways to manage your people? Book a demo here to get started.

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