3 Employees Share their Experiences Doing Product Design & Engineering at Cadana

3 Employees Share their Experiences Doing Product Design & Engineering at Cadana

"You can’t even imagine the thrill I get from someone using a product I contributed to building. Lol! Particularly when it’s making an impact, you can’t buy that!"

When you start working in tech, you’ll enjoy the thrills and the great pay; most people would say, “Tech pays well”. Now, according to these employees, tech does pay well.

Depending on the currency you seek, you’ll receive much more than expected. If it’s the thrills, like Dean gets from moving pixels, you’ll find it here. If it’s the joy Esther gets from solving businesses’ problems with the design or the exciting feeling Lucky experiences every time he delivers UX that makes relatively complex solutions simple, then you’ll find all of it working in tech.

These and more are some things you’ll experience, aside from the high-income nature everyone tells you.

Who are these interesting people? You ask. Well, they’re tech bros who work at Cadana, collaborating with the rest of the team to build the future of compensation through the payroll and people management platform — Cadanapay. “Tech bro” is gender-neutral, by the way.

For this Inside Cadana blog, we go inside Cadana to speak to these Cadanauts (Cadanauts are people who work at Cadana) about their work and how it truly feels to work in tech. They also share their experiences working at Cadana and how the impact of their work makes the experience worthwhile.

Meet Product Designers Dean Ken-Chike and Esther Emah and Software Engineer Lucky Ozoka

Dean Ken-Chike, Product Designer

Dean is a Product Designer and gets super pumped every time the conversation tilts towards product designs. If it’s about moving pixels to solve a problem, count him in. When we asked him about his experiences, he said it’s all “New challenges to conquer every day”, and to put it all into his perspective added, “So far, I’ll say exciting.”

So, what's the best part of being a product designer, then? In Dean’s words:

“I get to do the thing I love every day. Move Pixels, solve people and business problems. You can't even imagine the thrill I get from someone using a product I contributed to building. Lol! Particularly when it's making an impact, you can't buy that!”

As you know, conversations around work culture are crucial, especially at Cadana, where our CEO Albert prioritises a healthy work culture.

So, we asked Dean his favourite thing about working at Cadana, and he said, “It’s definitely the people”.

“Bruh, the team here is amazing. These people are on a different level. Folks are always there when you need help with anything, and they are all great at what they do. Makes my job way easier and more fun!”

Esther Emah, Product Designer

Esther is a Product Designer whose superpowers are her strong collaborative ability; she’s always got her running shoes ready to play her part and then some to make things move forward.

For Esther, the best part of her job is solving problems with design and receiving feedback from customers.

“I, particularly, look forward to getting our customers' feedback whenever we have new features. That has to be my best part.”

As you would expect, we also asked her about her take on the work culture working in tech based on her experience at Cadana, and she said,

“My favourite thing about working at Cadana has to be the people. We all come together to achieve one goal. Everyone feels like a family here. It feels great!”

Lucky Ozoka, Frontend Engineer

Lucky Ozoka is a Front Engineer who enjoys developing new features. He spends most of his time thinking of new features to build or current ones to fix on the app. With Lucky, there’s always a product announcement, and he sure derives joy from giving users a great experience.

Within his team, you’ll find he is an impressive team player and embodies the company culture at all times.

We asked him about the best part of his job, and he happily told us that bringing design and user experiences to life was the best thing about what he does.

“It's an amazing feeling when you get to deliver great design and user experiences that make relatively complex solutions simple.”

Wondering what the experience is like for him as an employee working in tech? Here’s what he had to say:

“I've had a great experience at Cadana; the people are great, the work culture is excellent, and I really enjoy the team-building and social activities.”

And his favourite thing about working at Cadana? It’s the flexibility. He said, “I like how flexible Cadana is and how it creates the perfect balance between personal creativity and ownership. It’s beautiful.”

Explore the products these great people are building here.

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