Introducing Cadana AI

Introducing Cadana AI

Cadana was founded with a singular focus: to build a new global compensation infrastructure that places the needs of the hard-working people at its core. We want to dismantle the barriers to global hiring for businesses, providing them with a seamless experience while ensuring their employees have all the tools they need to achieve financial success, regardless of their geography. We recognized from the outset that this is a complex task, given the unique nuances of serving each country. That's why we've been building the core infrastructure to support such a framework from day one. While we've already made strides in achieving that goal, today we take another giant step towards making it a reality.

Introducing Cadana AI.

Cadana AI is not just a product; it's a testament to our commitment to leverage technology to simplify global hiring and provide the best experience for our customers. It's a tool designed to make your life easier, your decisions smarter, and your business more efficient.

Here's a glimpse into what Cadana AI can do for you

Watch this 1-minute demo:

  • Global Tax and Compliance Knowledge: Navigating the complex world of global payroll can be challenging. Cadana AI simplifies this by providing up-to-date information about taxes and compliance for any country you wish to hire in. We use autonomous agents to continuously scrape the relevant agencies and sources to ensure we have the latest information.
  • Data-Driven Hiring Decisions: Making informed hiring decisions is crucial for business success. Cadana AI can provide accurate estimates of the total cost of new hires, helping you make these decisions with confidence.
  • Payroll Insights: Understanding your payroll data is key to effective financial management. Get deep insights into your payroll data with Cadana AI, whether you need a detailed breakdown of your spending or you're looking for trends in your payroll expenses over time.
  • Instant Platform Support: Get any questions or queries about how to navigate or use the platform answered instantly by Cadana AI.

While we've highlighted just a few use cases, Cadana AI, at its core, is much more than a mere tool. It's an intelligent system that learns from its interactions, continually evolving to become more efficient and effective over time. It’s your ally throughout your payroll journey. It's designed to demystify global hiring and streamline your processes so you can save time and manage global payroll with ease.

We're excited to see how Cadana AI will empower businesses and individuals alike, transforming the landscape of global payroll.