Introducing Cadana White-label Platform: No-code global payroll solution.

Introducing Cadana White-label Platform: No-code global payroll solution.

As part of our mission to unlock global opportunities for talents everywhere and to dismantle all barriers to entry in providing world-class global payroll solutions, we’re excited to announce our White-Label Platform.

Cadana’s White-Label Platform offers a no-code, secure, and compliant way for companies to launch their own branded global payroll solution. It is the fastest way to integrate with Cadana’s payroll services and infrastructure without the engineering overhead, while significantly reducing time to market.

A no-code, all-inclusive global payroll solution

The White-Label Platform is a complete web application, featuring a comprehensive payroll solution. It enables companies to offer their customers a seamless global payroll experience without the need to build a complex system from scratch.

It comes equipped with everything you need to successfully launch your own global payroll solution. This includes a branded payroll platform for businesses to compliantly hire, manage, and pay their global workforce and a talent portal for global workers to manage their finances securely. All of this is available without writing a single line of code.


  • Customization and Branding: The White-Label platform runs with your brand’s identity (colors, typography, and logo) out-of-the-box. Everything from email notifications to PDF receipts is fully customized to ensure a consistent visual experience that aligns with the brand.
  • Custom domain: Custom domains are essential for maintaining brand consistency and trust with your customers and Cadana offers a unique, ready-to-use subdomain with the White-Label platform, requiring no additional configuration on your part. Even more, you can bring your custom domain for a more personalized experience.
  • Custom Authentication: The White-Label platform comes with the flexibility for companies to integrate their authentication engines like AWS Cognito, Auth0, and Stytch, ensuring the preservation of existing user management systems and authentication flows and enhancing user experience and security.
  • Scale and grow with Cadana: The White-Label platform is engineered to help you scale and grow as you expand into new markets. Your platform will get automatically updated with new and improved features and updates to keep your growth trajectory continuous and seamless.
  • Embed as a simple "Payroll" tab: You can embed all of this as a simple "Payroll" tab in your existing app with one UI snippet. One advantage of this approach is that it simplifies the process for businesses to incorporate payroll functionality into their existing software or applications without the need for extensive development work. It's a convenient way to enhance the capabilities of an application by leveraging the features of the Cadana White-label Platform.

Cadana’s White-Label platform is the fastest way for companies to embed and launch a unified solution for global payroll without writing a single line of code. It’s specifically designed to help you get to market faster with tools such as global hiring and payments, global statutory compliance, and global worker benefits and financial services that will help you grow and expand.