Introducing Cadana's Modern Payroll APIs & Whitelabel Products

Introducing Cadana's Modern Payroll APIs & Whitelabel Products

Along with the announcement of our fundraise, we're excited to announce our new products for talent marketplaces and Global HR providers.

For many companies now looking to expand their footprints towards the evolving and growing global market, effective and compliant payroll management is one of the critical concerns. At the forefront of the revolution is Cadana, with its cutting-edge payroll APIs and white-label products designed to help streamline payroll operations across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, ensuring increased compliance and further mitigating potential risks.

Empowering Global Payroll Platforms and Talent Marketplaces

Cadana’s advanced payroll APIs are utilized by some of the world’s largest payroll platforms and talent marketplaces. These APIs enable companies to build compliant hiring and payroll products tailored to the unique regulatory landscapes of emerging markets. By leveraging Cadana's expertise and local entities, businesses can navigate the complexities of labor laws, fraud prevention, and currency exchanges seamlessly.

White-Label Contractor Management & Payroll Solutions

One of the standout features of Cadana’s offering is its no-code white-label solutions. These solutions allow companies to launch their own branded payroll services swiftly, avoiding the significant time and financial investments typically required.

Key Benefits:

  • Brand Customization: Deploy Cadana’s white-label solutions under your brand, enhancing your market presence.
  • Compliance Assurance: Mitigate local labor non-compliance and fraud risks through Cadana’s established local entities and expertise.
  • Market Validation: Test and validate new markets with a comprehensive product suite without incurring substantial development costs.
  • Operational Efficiency: Reduce overhead with Cadana’s Level 1 and Level 2 support, facilitating scalability and customer satisfaction.
  • Modular Integration: Customize and integrate the solutions with existing workflows using modular UI components.

Real-Time Payments Across Emerging Markets

Cadana’s local network in Africa, Asia, and Latin America enables real-time payments, ensuring that businesses can pay contractors and employees swiftly and compliantly. This network supports payments to millions of local banks, mobile money accounts, and e-wallets, offering a comprehensive and flexible payment infrastructure.

Advantages of Cadana’s Payment Network:

  • Cost Savings: Companies can save an average of 50% on foreign exchange rates compared to global payment aggregators.
  • Fraud Mitigation: Advanced account validation lookups and AI-powered transaction monitoring reduce the risk of fraud.
  • Speed: With 87% of transactions processed in real-time, Cadana ensures faster pay experiences across all payout methods.

Seamless Integration with Modern SDKs and APIs

Cadana’s modern SDKs and APIs are designed for rapid integration, enabling businesses to deploy payroll solutions in a matter of days. This quick integration capability ensures that companies can respond swiftly to market demands and start reaping the benefits of Cadana’s advanced payroll infrastructure without delay.

Integration Highlights:

  • Ease of Use: User-friendly SDKs and APIs simplify the integration process.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Detailed guides and support resources facilitate smooth deployment.
  • Flexibility: Modular components allow for tailored solutions that fit specific business needs.


In a globalized economy, efficient, compliant, and secure payroll management is crucial for success. Cadana’s payroll APIs and white-label products offer a robust solution for businesses looking to expand into emerging markets. By providing real-time payments, mitigating risks, and enabling swift integration, Cadana empowers companies to navigate the complexities of international payroll with confidence and ease.

For businesses aiming to scale in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, Cadana stands as a trusted partner, delivering the tools and expertise necessary to thrive in these dynamic markets.