“My remote work-life experience as an intern with Cadana”

“My remote work-life experience as an intern with Cadana”

In this blog post for Inside Cadana, we delve into the company to hear from one of our interns. As she shares her personal experiences as a first-time remote worker and how significant her role is to the success of the company.

Hey Doris, it’s good to see you.

Well, it’s good to see you too, Emmanuel.

I’m sure our readers are curious as I am, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Doris Apeafa Kukey is my name; a recent graduate of the University of Cape Coast with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Marketing. I love to read self-development books and articles about recent developments. I’m also aspiring to be amongst many things, an astute Digital Marketer with experience in Customer Relationships and Communications.

So tell us, how did you hear about Cadana, and what made you interested in working with them?

Ohh! Through a good friend of mine actually, during one of the holidays when I was searching for companies to intern with. I had always wanted to begin my career journey in a working environment where I can learn, unlearn, relearn, and grow exponentially. So when I found out the company was a startup, it really sparked my interest. I considered it a great place to start!

What do you do at Cadana and how does it impact the company?

Okay so to begin with, my official role is Customer success rep; Where I basically help ensure that new customers are able to use the people management platform effectively and efficiently by providing training, support, and guidance. Primarily, my goal is to help ensure that customers are happy and satisfied with the platform and that the company is able to retain and grow its customer base.

Did you receive enough training and support to do your job well?

I believe so! I was taken through a 30-day thorough onboarding process. Where I had various informational sessions with different departments and some team members who guided me through the important information I needed to know to be successful in my role.

Did the company provide you with everything you needed to be able to work remotely?

Well, yes I think so. I was provided with a working laptop to use for work purposes. It’s mostly been intermittent internet connection issues around my place of stay, but we’re still working our way around to get the best experience.

How do you stay motivated and productive while working from home?

I will say collaboration is what keeps me on my toes to be productive. At Cadana, we have a strong collaborative team that provides support at all times. This also helps me to put out my best as I know that whatever input I make is connected one way or the other to another team member’s task.

Have there been any challenges you’ve faced while working remotely? How did you overcome them?

Urrrhmm... Internet and communication.

During my initial few months of remote work, I realized that I wasn't keeping in touch with my team members as much as I should have. I came to understand that effective communication is crucial when working remotely.

The key is to address any issues or problems immediately and communicate them as promptly as possible. Oh and document everything! We have a strong culture of documentation which helps me stay in the loop and get answers to things asynchronously.

Internet connection issues can sometimes be a challenge. But we found a quick solution around that and now I am more effective working from home. It is also great that the company has a shared co-working space. I can always go to the co-working space should I be blocked from working from home for any reason.

Nice, I see! On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your overall experience with remote work at Cadana?

Errhhmm…might be a little too early to rate, but so far I would say 8.5 out of 10, you know what, 9 actually!

After your internship, would you prefer working remotely or in an office? Why?

I have had the opportunity to work both in an office and remotely, and I must say I will opt for remote work. Personally, I find that I am more productive and creative when I have the flexibility to work from home. I am able to do my best work for the company as I can structure my schedule to take advantage of my most focused and energetic times, which typically occur in the early morning.

What would you say is your most memorable moment during your stay at Cadana?

Memorable moments! I'd say our end-of-2022 retreat. I love 'Happy Hour' too! And the Trivia Games are always fun!

Oh my! I can see you’re enjoying your stay. Would you recommend Cadana to others?

Oh yes! Over and over again.

Haha, do enjoy your stay Doris!

Sure, thanks for having me Emmanuel.