Top 5 Locations for Team-Bonding in Africa for Remote Teams

Top 5 Locations for Team-Bonding in Africa for Remote Teams

We went to Ghana for an offsite retreat! It was nothing short of beautiful. The raging current from the ocean didn't have a thing on the stained rocks at the beach. The same rocks where people find love, rediscover their relationships, themselves and plan the year.

For us, it was a great opportunity to rediscover our mission for businesses and employees in Africa. On a certain occasion, we all sat across each other on the beach, planning our goals for 2022, with the waves providing a much-needed clarity.

Employees need this clarity of purpose and thought, alongside the benefits that come from team members meeting and bonding over cute activities and scenes.

Here are Top 5 Tourist Locations in Africa for your 2022 Team Bonding!

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Source: Architectural Digest

Zanzibar is an Island in Tanzania with large popularity across all of Africa for its beautiful beach fronts. The Island has attained fame for being a destination of choice for business meetings and conferences. It offers business leaders and team members the opportunity to bond outside of the retreat halls and conferences.

It offers alternative conversation starters for new team members to acquaint with older ones. Your team could rent a retreat hall in one of the hotels around or sit on the beaches and strategize for the year. Anything could happen in Zanzibar. But there’s often a rule about this beautiful location; what happens in Zanzibar stays in Zanzibar, or not.  

Charlestina Beach, Ghana

Source: Cadana

You could go fishing or you could go singing along the beaches of Charlestina Beach in Ampeni, Ghana. It has gardens and accommodations for teams. The team at Cadana enjoyed the ambience and only left for home after our shortlived charge for an extension fell flat. Sad!

Your team could visit this location and in the presence of the conversing coconut trees, rediscover your mission and chart the course for what is going to be an exciting year. Just like us.

Sun City Resort South Africa

Source: Porini

South Africa has lots of fun sites. The Sun City Resort is a cool place for teams looking to do fun things while having pockets of learning and teaching opportunities amidst greeneries and lush gardens. Sun City Resort is the only surf-and-safari destination within a two-hour drive of Johannesburg.

To get access to the resort, you may very well need to lodge at the hotels or the vacation residents. Team members have the opportunity to do Safari and more, while being amazingly close to Johannesburg in case they’d want to go into the cities for more.

Nairobi Safari Walk, Kenya

Source: Rise and Shine Tours

Nairobi, Kenya has a pleasantly unique aura. It’s temperature is as good as its people. The Nairobi Safari Walk gives Team members something to talk about other than work. Wait. This is a good thing. They would get to know each other better, get better committed to each other and build lasting relationships in the presence of prying Giraffes and Zebras.

Sounds like a dream to me, but you can make it happen for your team! People Managers and Department Heads should take up this opportunity to delight team members with the best getaway.

Landmark Beach, Lagos Nigeria

Source: Landmark Beach

Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria will be glad to play host to your team. You could lodge in one of the Hotels in Ikoyi, Victoria Island or Lekki and come over to Landmark beach for your daily meetings. You could order various types of food while at it. You could boost team bonding by encouraging more employee engagement and building friendships that will last. Lagos, Nigeria with its yellow buses and busy roads would be a great place to learn about the spirit of Africa, the resilience and hard work that helped this beautiful continent stand up to and surmount its challenges.

Typical team bonding events don't get a lot of nods from team members but the moment you promise them a getaway, you’re bound to reap from the trees of enthusiasm. People want to experience something new and if you could merge a novelle experience with goal setting and team bonding, you may just be on the road to a productive year!

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