Cadana and GetEquity, A Match Made in Heaven

Cadana and GetEquity, A Match Made in Heaven

What Does Cadana Do?

We started Cadana with a simple premise. That if you are a hardworking African there should be a clear path to financial success for you. We are starting with solving the most immediate need for working Africans which is short-term access to credit using our Cadana InstantPay product. We partner with businesses to automate their payments and empower their workers to access their real-time earned wages instead of waiting till the end of the month.

We help businesses modernize their payroll process and improve retention and productivity for their workers. Their workers who previously were financially stressed and relied on high-interest lenders to make ends meet now have an affordable option to get money when unexpected expenses occur.

We also help these workers take advantage of time-sensitive investment opportunities to support their financial growth. We have built a win-win-win solution for everyone, and we’re bringing this solution for FREE to all businesses raising funding on GetEquity.

What Does Getequity Do?

Talented Africans are everyday building amazing products; products that change lives, improve the financial health of their users, improve logistics, enable a better life. GetEquity is helping these businesses gain access to funding at a faster and easier way.

They’re also helping these businesses acquire their first sets of believers and supporters. One more thing GetEquity wants to do for their community of businesses is provide a seamless growth and people operations process.

Cadana is a Payroll and People Operations platform but beyond that, Cadana Instant Pay or Earned Wage Access (EWA) helps businesses delight their employees, improve their productivity by taking care of money troubles and by extension, helping these businesses retain top talent.

Cadana and GetEquity Partnership

Starting today, businesses in the GetEquity community get 3 months FREE Payroll Services when they sign up to Cadana. Additionally, Cadana will pair each business up with a dedicated account manager who can advise on payroll and statutory obligations for the business.

How to Get Started

GetEquity business community members should reach out to their relationship Managers for more information on this partnership. Businesses not yet on GetEquity should visit here to get started.

Why Does this Matter?

Cadana allows fast growing companies to run payroll efficiently with peace of mind. With our intuitive interface, startups can run payroll in 3 clicks. Cadana also provides payments and invoicing functionality giving companies a single portal to manage all their finances.

Additionally, Cadana is flexible in making payments to 20+ currencies, including digital currencies, so startups can hire and pay anyone anywhere. With our award-winning InstantPay product, businesses can further empower workers to get paid on-demand instead of waiting till the end of the month.

All of these services will be available for FREE for the GetEquity Community members. Request a demo here. Find out more about Cadana here.